Contemporary Artist

Barbara Pecorari

Contemporary Artist

Barbara Pecorari

Exhibitions 2022


Marguttiana Exposition Summer 2021


Flying Sardines Statue


Infinity Sardines Silver


Deep Blue


Royal Sardines triptych


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Sardines leaping out 1

100 x 100 cm

Flying Sardines 


Sardines leaping out 2

100 x 100 cm




150 x 150 cm

Deep Blue Sardines 2022


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Critical Notes

The Artist, in this event, puts on sale his works. Paintings whose brushstrokes are permeated by his volitive character. Even the statues, which the Artist proposes, have a characteristic feature that distinguishes them and makes them his own. The other artefacts he puts on sale, are undeniably traceable to the touch of the artist, who from a shapeless material, creates a masterpiece, as well as from a white canvas, as by magic, appears a painting that enchants.

contemporary artist

Barbara Pecorari

A red one that doesn’t seem to catch fire,
red of the alma, red of thought:
and what looked like just a game
becomes a true feeling.

Soul’s burning

250 x 100 cm